Elmer Painting - 11" x 14" Graphite and Acrylic on Canvas - April 2010

Attention. Care. Love. Reflection. Spirit. Thought. Time. These works aren't your average, ordinary, production portraits.

Painted in honor of an incredible dog who's name was, Elmer, these portraits are an attempt to capture some essence of those spirits who have truly become one with our soul.

These portraits aren't meant for the "others" a person encounters in life. They're not meant for the pets one may feel guilty for not commemorating them "as well". These portraits aren't for that auxiliary pet; That pet we may also remember and think "Oh yeah, [Name] was so nice."

These portraits are about the soul who touched us in a way unlike any other. That true kindred spirit we feel so fortunate to have encountered in life. That one who will always remain "everything". That one who it doesn't matter if it's a day gone by, or 20 years, our longing to see them just once again remains the same. These portraits honor that one who's bond with us is everlasting.